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Why didn't you tell Uri you were unhappy? Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it?

Does Juergen want me to go with him?

I will never part from you. You must come with me and be my wife. We have gone through many troubles together, and now we will share our joys. Emily is wearing a beautiful dress. An acquaintance of mine introduced me to his closest friends. He volunteered to help her. He went deaf as a result of an accident. We should leave her alone. As a result of always being hungry and fatigued, that dog finally died. He lives in Boston City.

Once a week, the mother inspects her son's room. Mr Brown gave me your name.

Just because she is poor, it does not follow that she is dishonest.

What's your impression of Stanly? One is new, the other is old. Do you like my island?

May I eat that orange? Look, I'm really not interested.

How much can we really trust Grant? He's attracted to Asian girls. Perry has acquired the habit of thinking aloud. Frederick drank a cup of coffee. You're going to have fun. You ought to have taken your father's advice.

The dog was wagging his tail. I'll have to do it myself.

We'll make a sailor out of you yet. What's wrong with you? It was because he was sick that he decided to return home. Tanaka stepped back. Let me hear you say it. You may as well burn your money as spend it on lottery tickets. Milner didn't talk too much. The foreign minister will act for the Prime Minister in his absence.

I will go out when I have finished this work.

I had a dream last night, about silk and fine cloth or about equality and fair trial. When was the last time you had a steady job? You've lost some blood. I fully understand your frustration. "Are you still mad at me?" "No, not at all." What the fuck is your problem? Eugene is working hard this semester. We bought it in Boston.