Phone Number

(818) 621-2320


Van Nuys, California




I love you and I don't want anything bad to happen to you. I seem to have the wrong number. Your phone is bugged. The police treated John like a common criminal. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you.

I think she likes me. I wish summer would never end! I'd like to graduate next spring. I don't want to go to Earle's birthday party. I remember getting really sick after we ate these. They thought I was asleep.

It was quiet all around. We will rescue them. This medicine tastes horrible. I'm sorry I made you wait so long. She was excused attendance at the meeting. He puts his own interests above everything else. Why don't you take a look at this data?

He has a lot of money saved for his old age. Nick likes to wear tight clothes.

Val switched off the dryer. Have you ever eaten Turkish food before? Annie and I were neighbors. Manolis got attacked by a bear. I'd like to learn how to arrange flowers. He is condemned to live on a wheelchair. Because the president is a human being, making mistakes is possible. Each of the three boys got a prize. I got a job offer.

I have no acquaintance with court procedure.

I'm sure she will come. How do I get a hold of you? Do you have any sunscreen? Let's celebrate the anniversary of our first kiss. Jacobson thought that Axel wouldn't like John.

I'll feed the dog.

Tigger is sound asleep.

Deb says he has hurt his back. They walk too slow. How many were there? Lack of inspiration is the worst enemy of creativity. I had an expression of disbelief on my face.

You'll be alone. This ski wear keeps out the cold wind. They got to a village under a hill. Miyoko carried a torch so long, I think it gave her heartburn.

Why do you have diarrhea? I know why you don't want to go. He is not the only one who thinks this way. I sure do hope so. Bret is resting now. The movie we watched last night was in black and white.

I have my own problems. Why is Mysore blaming us? We're going to the hospital. Why aren't Jef and Phillip coming? Can you help me solve a mystery? Val deserved everything he got. What does this say?

Are you expecting anybody? Nicolas never talked.